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Finding and evaluating suppliers. Production quality assessment. We’ll send free search results on your request


Conducting direct negotiations with multiple suppliers in order to find out optimal prices and conditions. We speak perfect Chinese, which ensures full mutual understanding with a Chinese party.

Quality control

Our branch is situated in China, which enables us to check quality of samples or the entire lot on-site, prior to send them to a client.


Minimum purchase – 3 kg. We can help you find and buy even a small amount of goods.


Many goods, even cheap ones, can be manufactured with your logotype when you buy at least 10 – 100 pieces. You can also order production on your own design.


We render assistance in drawing-up a contract with a Chinese party and prepare a full set of documents.

Best prices

We work on China’s internal market, so we can find prices below the market even for small wholesale. Our goal is to find out goods with the best quality at the lowest prices available.


We shall select an optimum delivery mode and help with customs clearing. Fast delivery – during 3-5 days, starting from $5/kg.


Free product search

Leave us a request. We shall look for the product and prepare a comparative price list of prospective suppliers. It’s free. You can refuse our services if you are not satisfied.


How we work

Send us a request

On our website, you leave a request with description of a product you would like to find. We’ll contact you shortly to specify details.


Once all details specified, we start searching strictly following your product requirements and checking if they are met by prospective suppliers. We speak Chinese, so any misunderstanding between us and a supplier is practically impossible.

Providing a market map

Based on results of the work we have done, you will be provided a market map – a comparative table of prices from multiple suppliers accompanied by our comments. If you are not satisfied with the prices, you can refuse. It’s absolutely free!

Quality assessment

On your request, we order some samples and assess their quality and compliance with your requirements. Then, we send you a full report with photo/video. The samples are sent to you with express delivery.

Delivery calculation

After detailed consultations with you and a suitable supplier, we provide you a price calculation for delivering the goods to your city. If needed, we prepare papers and help you conclude a contract with a Chinese part.

Payment and delivery

Once the entire goods lot is paid in full, it is dispatched to a logistic company’s storehouse, where final measurements and delivery according to your preferences are performed. We help with customs clearing, if needed.


Why China?

China is a global leader in production of both most consumer and numerous industrial goods. Manufacturers from all over the world have been moving their plants and factories to China since long ago due to cheap work force and easy access to raw materials. The competition among Chinese manufacturers is very high, so quality of produced goods meets world standards, while the prices are very low. This provides great business opportunities.

Far China

However, it is not easy to find a product with appropriate quality and check it up when you are not in China. China is a country with its own laws, language and mentality. If you planning to make a business with Chinese supliers by yourself, you can face some problems during your negotiations, for example, translation issues, misunderstanding or outright fraud. As a result, the process of buying goods can last much longer, and the outcome will not always pay off in full.

You are secure

Our company offers to make your deal secure, minimize all organizational expenses, conclude long-term supply contracts directly with Chinese factories and get exactly the product you want to buy in China at lowest prices.


Any requests

Leave us search requests, and we shall find suppliers of any goods! It’s free and does not take much time.
We promise!



3D printers


Manufacture of goods
by personal drawings















What our clients are saying about QAPSTONE!

Nick Datkun

“We have been using the services of Qapstone for all of our heavy and medium duty trucks parts purchases for the last couple months. We ordered and successfully received 2 containers with bumpers and tires. They did a great job! The prices for very affordable and delivery was made on time (less then 2 weeks) We highly recommend this company for any purchases or deals with Chinese manufactures . They are always able to help! We definitely gonna work with them in the future.”

Nick DatkunEZ Line Inc
Anna J

“They are very helpful, friendly and extremely efficient in providing information on products; there are also many suppliers & latest products to choose from. Very good, the best I have seen so far – please keep it up! It is a huge benefit to us clients as well as buyers – with so much information provided here, it is sometimes not necessary to travel to China at all; it is like having your own personal office in China! Thanks for providing this service – you cannot imagine how helpful it is to us!”

Anna JScoutronix (Ebay store)
Alia Hosh

“Best thing about Qapstone is the variety of suppliers – there is no comparison at all! We can get in touch with them quickly. With Qapstone help can find whatever we need at the chinese market – just by filling out the online form on the Qapstone website and its completely free!”

Alia HoshPetit Paper
Jeff Miller

“We are very satisfied with the information provided by Qapstone. We could update our knowldege of current market trends which helped improve our business.”

Jeff MillerStar Stores Inc

Qapstone team works with Chinese suppliers ower 3 years!
We work on internal Chinese market as local customer and can assure you that with us you will get the the best prices and quality of manufactures.
That’s a promise!

Free product search

Leave us a request. We shall look for the product and prepare a comparative price list of prospective suppliers. It’s free. You can refuse our services if you are not satisfied.

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